So It Begins


First of all, know that I am sending this out of respect for the real Lord of that Holding. Your father and his father before him, and so on and so forth, built the very foundation on which you stand, both in physical form and reputation. I give you this message in hopes that you listen and make the right decision.

I will not be responding to you, and I will be placing you on my black list of communications after this message is sent. Your continued correspondence is not simply to keep in touch, nor is it an effort to strengthen relations with I-RED as you have claimed. It is harassment.

This is the day that I remove you from my life completely. You do not control me anymore, Dominius. I am no longer within your grip, and haven’t been for years.

In the event that you have a sincere desire for diplomatic communications, you will speak with no one but our Executor, who has been made aware of my decision. No one else.

I know what you are, Dominius. Do not push me.

“That disrespectful wench. That mutt has no right to speak to me that way. I made her. If it weren’t for me, she wouldn’t be in the position she’s in.”

His hands were clenched tight into fists, sitting in that comfortable leather chair adorned with gold. Dominius felt his anger building the more he talked about it, face reddened and eyes flickering with violence.

“I should have killed her when I had the chance.”

His screen at the desk in front of him gave a small flash, his conversation partner waving a hand.

“Calm yourself.” A pause from the hooded figure, then a small sigh. “She knows?”

“That’s what she says,” Dominius snapped, annoyed that the man even had to ask after reading the letter.

“And this concerns you? These…passive threats of an old slave?”

Rage swelled further, leaving the Holder with veins protruding from his neck. “You think it shouldn’t? Her words have much more weight than they did when she was at my Holding.”

“Then perhaps you shouldn’t have made her the way she was,” the man snapped back. His anger was much more patient. Eerily calm, even. Practiced.

In a way, Dominius was almost afraid of it. But then again, he knew that he was in control. No one else.

Silence rang between the two, and the current Lord Degario began to grow impatient. Just what was the holding the old man up? Was he not concerned? The man’s clenched hands tightened further, threatening to draw blood.

“This has an easy solution.”

Dominius’ eye twitched. “Does it, now?” The sarcasm was dripping in his voice, thick enough that he hoped it drowned the old man.

All it took was more silence and Dominius knew he struck a nerve. Good, he thought. But the silence prolonged and he soon realized that he was facing punishment for his behaviour. Another eye-twitch, then a frustrated breath was pushed out from him. “I await your wisdom,” he relented.

“You need to learn about her now. Find out what details you can. But not yourself, of course. You have that servant, don’t you? What’s it’s name…Khaihraz?”

“That is correct.”

“Send him. Really, my boy, in all the years we’ve spoken to each other, I thought you were smarter than this.”

Of course he was smart. He knew it, and this old man knew it. But this had apparently just slipped his mind. He was busy, after all. That must have been what it was. His head raised, chin as well in a confident pose. “Perhaps I’ll do that. He’s not been out for that kind of duty in some time, anyway. It’s time he gets some practice.”

“Good. Now, next time you have a problem like this, don’t pester me for an answer when you already have it right in front of your nose, boy.”

And just like that, the feed was cut. Dominius scowled, grinding his teeth. How dare he. Once his anger subsided enough to allow him to speak, he called out to the dark-skinned man who sulked in the corner nearby.

“You heard what was said. See to it you don’t disappoint me.”


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