Dominius waved his hand to the tear-stricken female servant within the room, then began buttoning up his shirt. “Go clean yourself up,” he ordered the frail and battered woman. “Oh, and tell Khaihraz I wish to see him.” And of course, she obediently left, nothing to keep her dignity in place but the small tablecloth wrapped around her body.

He smiled.

His jacket was pulled on, adjusted carefully, then he began working at fixing his perfect brown hair. A prideful grin appeared as he looked into the mirror to ensure he looked as immaculate as possible.

Then, a knock at his door.

“Enter,” he commanded.

In stepped his faithful servant Khaihraz, looking prepared to do whatever was asked of him. “You wished to see my, my Lord?”

Dominius turned on his heel and flashed that prideful grin. “I did! It’s high time we bring our results to light, I believe. Get him on the comms.”

“Of course, Lord Degario. At once.”

The Ni-kunni servant quickly moved to the holo-display to the side of the master chambers, pressing his fingers to the touchscreen with quick succession.

Lord Degario, now confident his appearance was up to par, took a seat at his lounge chair, waiting as patiently as any man of his stature could.

And it wasn’t long before the hooded figure appeared on the screen. “Lord Degario. I take it you have some news?” His voice gruff, yet demanding.

“I do. We have the location of her home, among other things.”

The hooded figure nodded, then looked away as if he was about to disconnect.

“Heh, you can wait. I have a plan in mind to send her a message,” Dominius forced. He was beginning to grow offended that this man would simply toss the information to the side.

“No, you have a plan to be patient. As far as we know, she’s not told anyone yet. Do not commit any action like an angry child would, Dominius.”

Oh, and how the anger did start in. He could feel the blood rushing to his cheeks, to his mind. A frown appeared. “Do you forget what she said in her me-”

“Do you take me for a fool?” Came the interrupting remark.

Dominius began to see red. The nerve of this man, why he would have him killed on the spot were he part of his Holding. “Do not forget who helps fund you and your activities,” he spat. “I could withdraw at any time.”

“Then do so. I do not need your funds to do what needs done. My Faith does not need your funding. It would still remain strong and I would continue His Work without the petty offerings of some child.”

The Holder’s fist slammed onto the table. “You think you can speak to me in such a way? I will not allow it.”

The hooded figure snorted. “You already have.” And then, he disconnected.

Dominius was left speechless. He knew he couldn’t simply withdraw his support. His plans would be ruined. Everything he’d done thus far would be for nothing. He was seething, though, wanting nothing more than to take his anger out on something.

He looked to Khaihraz, who was smart enough to know not to have said anything thus far. The snake-like servant simply awaited an order.

Drawing a breath through his nostrils, Lord Degario spoke with all the tones of a man that had something to prove. “I will not let this woman get away with speaking to me as she did. And one day, I will not let him, either,” he sneered. “For now, focus on her. Send her a message.”

Khaihraz bowed his head. “How would you like it delivered?”

Dominius glanced off to the side at a statue of one of his most prized slaver hounds. With a nod towards it, then back to Khaihraz, he waved his hand.

“Do it.”



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